1. How long the IEMBA does it take? and How can I fit my busy schedule with EMBA courses?
The Program has 4 modules and is offered over 3 semesters. It will take 16 months to complete. For the convenience of working executives, the classes are conducted intensively 1 week in every month at AITCV2 – HCMC; Monday – Friday evenings (3 hours each) and Saturday and Sunday (6 hours per day). Actual in-class coursework will takes 17 weeks including 3 weeks at AIT in Bangkok. The program requires a period of 3 weeks residency at AIT (Bangkok) dividing into 2 trips, the last trip (2 weeks) will be held when student defend their thesis and receive Master Degree at AIT campus.

2. What are benefits of the studying trips in AIT Bangkok?
The trips are a necessary part of the IEMBA degrees as required by AIT. These trips will give participants an opportunity to become familiar with business environment outside Vietnam and joint with IEMBA participants at AIT. The participants will take a course during the first trip to Bangkok. The last trip will be to defend their project and receive the Master Degree at AIT campus.

3. Are Scholarships available? How to finance my study?
No, but companies typically provide financial supports. If you are self-support, you can pay 4 installments at the beginning of each semester.

4. What does the fee cover?
The total program fee includes all tuition fee and travel and accommodation in Bangkok. This fee also covers the materials in terms of handout and lecture note, except the textbooks.

5. What can I get if, for some reasons, I could not follow the whole course?
AITCV’s IEMBA is a flexible program. Participants can either take the whole program to get the Executive MBA degree or take only 6 courses (5 in-class courses and one case research) to get the Certificate of BA or take 11 courses (10 in-class courses and one case research) to get the Diploma in BA. The Certificate of BA and Diploma in BA are valid for 3 years, that means you can take the remain credits to get the MBA degree during 3 years after you have interrupted the program.

6. What are the advantages of AITCV’s IEMBA program?
- The first key advantage is the program. The program of this IEMBA is designed to fit the needs in Vietnam, and specifically Hanoi or HCMC. There are three dimensions the IEMBA emphasizes first, the situation of companies operating in Vietnam. Secondly, the operational environment and companies based in Asia and Pacific particularly ASEAN. Thirdly, the global perspective, US, Europe and Japan as they related to Asia and the Pacific trend including Vietnam.

      - The second key is the faculty. The program uses full-time professors from AIT in Bangkok. This is a very international multicultural and experienced group of faculty with academic and professional expertise. They have an extensive understanding of Asia and Pacific as well as Vietnam


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