The International Executive MBA program marks a deeper strengthening of the ties between AIT and Vietnam, emphasizing the commitment of AIT to human resource development in Vietnam. The main focus of the International EMBA program is the middle and senior managers in Private and Public companies, Joint-ventures and Representatives Offices in Vietnam to transfer state-of-the-art managerial knowledge and to offer a practical insight into current business practices. The program approaches in business and management are global, relevant to Asia Pacific context, and applicable in Vietnam. This program is designed to fit the needs in Vietnam. Therefore, the International Executive MBA emphasizes three dimensions: the situation of companies operating in Vietnam; the operational environment for companies based in Asia and Pacific particularly in ASEAN; the global perspective US, Europe and Japan as they relate to Asia and Pacific trends, including Vietnam. The program has been launched in Hanoi (since 2000), in HCMC (since 2004), in Dong Nai (since 2007), and in Vung Tau (since 2008).

Along with the iEMBA Program in International Business and Management of Technology (IB&MOT), the iEMBA Program in Human Resource Management (HRM), Energy, Finance and Public Policy Management (PPM) will also be conducted in Vietnam.

The School of Management (SOM) of AIT in collaboration with AIT in Vietnam (AITVN) offers Professional Master Program in Management (PMM) for managers and executives of the private and state-own companies and public organizations (including NGO and international organizations). The aim of this program is to impart relevant knowledge, skills and attitudes and prepare working executives to accept higher level responsibilities in their employing institutions. The emphasis is to help management professionals enrich their own experiences with a solid understanding of the fundamental management functions through case study-based and action-oriented learning process.


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